We prepare you for the future

At Adapt Wealth, we’re well placed to resolve all types of financial situations – no matter how complex. So if you thought getting ahead of your finances and preparing for the future was too hard, think again.

Investment plan

A successful investment plan is all about having the right mix of assets to achieve your goals.


We start the plan by performing an in-depth assessment of your situation, prior investment experience and tolerance for risk. We then develop a strategy that’s flexible enough to change as you do.


And we recommend a broad range of investment types including  both share and property-based investments to maximise long-term returns.

Superannuation plan

Superannuation. It’s a great way to secure one’s future. Yet, it’s so often overlooked or mishandled.


With a myriad of options ranging from SMSFs to bank-owned funds – plus a long list of ever-changing rules – it’s no wonder so many people get it wrong when it comes to super.


But don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. After acquiring a deep understanding of your financial position and goals, we’ll create the right superannuation strategy for you.


At Adapt Wealth, we make superannuation planning clear and simple. Just like it should be.

Retirement plan

Many people delay their retirement planning until it’s too late. But the earlier you start planning, the better your lifestyle after retirement will be.


When developing your retirement plan, we’ll show you how to achieve tax-free retirement income. We’ll also take into account other issues that may impact your position upon retirement. These may include downsizing, Centrelink benefits, aged care plans and more.


With Adapt Wealth, you can face the future with confidence

Insurance plan

Life is unpredictable – whether we like it or not. And as hard as it is to accept, it’s important that you and your family are prepared for the worst.


We begin by having an open discussion about the financial security you and your loved ones will need in the case of premature death or disability. Then we recommend the right insurance plan and secure the policies on your behalf.


What’s more, we’re also there to help if you ever need to make a claim. That’s because Adapt Wealth is with you all the way, through the good times – and the bad.

Additional services

When planning your future, it’s important to adopt a holistic approach. That’s why we assess all aspects of your financial life. We leave nothing to chance – and no stone unturned.


Here’s what else Adapt Wealth will consider in your financial plan:

Cashflow: Let us help ensure you’re able to cover your expenses while building your wealth. We can also help you make your capital last – and achieve a steady income – throughout your retirement.

Tax structuring: Adapt Wealth can help you optimise your tax position. We’ll work closely with your accountant to ensure that you act on thorough advice that considers your entire situation.

Debt management: We provide strategies to help you pay off your personal mortgages. We also show you how borrowing money to purchase assets is a powerful way to build your wealth.

Estate planning: We create estate plans to give you peace of mind that your loved ones will be provided for when the unexpected happens.

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