Episode 73-Get reminded of your upcoming bills

Episode 73-Get reminded of your upcoming bills


There’s actually something much worse than receiving bills – it’s forgetting about them. It’s not a problem if you already budgeted for them or if you still manage to pay on time, but if you don’t, you get penalised which costs more money. This is why my guest, the founder of GetReminded, Tim Nicholas, sought to help people like you and me remember any upcoming bill. Tim shares his personal experiences that inspired him and his partners to launch GetReminded. He explains how the app works, who it’s for, and how clients can avail of it. Tim also discusses the unique challenges involved in setting up and growing a start-up app.

Don’t miss this week’s segment of Reuben’s Rant on the government’s reaction to whether the banks should pass on the full rate cut or not.

“You get a chance – what we call, time and space – to make an informed decision; a better choice on what you want to do next.” – Tim Nicholas

This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • The inspiration behind the drive to start GetReminded.
  • How the GetReminded app works and example scenarios.
  • The kind of bills they work with currently.
  • Their marketing strategies and the type of media they invest in.
  • The challenges they encountered in launching this type of business.

Tim Nicholas’ Top 3 Tips for Renewing Contracts or Policies

  1. Know what you need.
  2. Allow time to check out what your options are.
  3. Always renew on time.

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