Epsiode 72 – The giving season

Epsiode 72 – The giving season

With June 30 fast approaching, it’s that time of the year again where we turn our minds to tax – more specifically, how we can pay less of it! We are bombarded with offers to buy office equipment or new care, re-do our insurances and put money into superannuation.

But the best way to get a tax deduction is to donate money to a tax-deductible organization, and to help us with that is Antonia Ruffell, CEO of Australian Philanthropic Services (APS). We discuss how Antonia found her way into the organisation and why more and more Australians are planning their giving for maximum impact.. She describes the objectives of the APSs, its programs and services, and how clients can avail of them. Antonia also shares strategies you can use to choose the right type of giving structure to meet your objectives

Don’t miss this week’s segment of Reuben’s Rant on the Israeli Prime Minister’s wife, Sara Netanyahu’s fraud case and why I think the whole story is just absurd.

“The great thing about charitable foundations is you can involve multiple generations in discussions.”  – Antonia Ruffell

This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • Getting the best tax deductions through charitable acts.
  • How Antonia Ruffell landed at her current position at APS
  • The difference between Private and Public Ancillary Funds and the services APS offers in management of these structure.
  • Number of Private Ancillary Funds active in Australia.

Antonia Ruffell’s Top 3 Tips for Developing Your Giving Strategy

  1. Get started and work out what you’re passionate about.
  2. Don’t be afraid to take an investment approach.
  3. Involve the family.

Connect with Antonia Ruffell:

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