Episode 58 – Taming the data beast with Mitch Tomazic

Episode 58 – Taming the data beast with Mitch Tomazic

We collectively send and receive an enormous amount of data every second, and with the way things are going, it doesn’t look like we’ll be stopping anytime soon. While the sheer size does seem intimidating, businesses would do best to know exactly what their data tells them and how they should move forward. For that, they need the help of an expert like Mitch Tomazic, the Business Solutions Director for Unify Services. He describes his job, the services his company offers, and some of the solutions they have discovered for specific businesses. He explains how data has evolved over the years and its effect on today’s marketing practices. Mitch also discusses the systems they supply, the challenges they face, and the future of data services and analytics.

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“Ultimately, in most businesses, you want to know the right ratio of staff to customers at any particular time.” – Mitch Tomazic

This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • What Mitch does and how their company interprets and analyzes data.
  • The types of data that are the most complex for businesses.
  • Examples of how they interpret data sets and their use.
  • Why retail is a great place to find efficiencies and improvements in business.
  • Knowing what’s wrong when your marketing is not converting.
  • The three different systems they supply, depending on what their clients require.
  • How do telecommunication companies analyze customer data?
  • Why there is no value in report creation.
  • Their team, their individual functions, and their responsibilities.
  • The future of internet connectivity and how it will affect data services.

Mitch Tomazic’s Top 3 Tips for businesses to make better use of the data:


  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.
  2. Don’t lose focus of why you’re actually doing this.
  3. You can start for free, right now.

Connect with Mitch Tomazic:

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