Episode 54 – The battle for the state of Victoria

Episode 54 – The battle for the state of Victoria

If you thought the U.S. Elections were hot, then you haven’t experienced the heat of a Victoria State Election which is to be held on the 24th of November. In recognition, I decided to bring on two of the most prominent candidates in this year’s election –  David Southwick is the current state member in the Victorian parliament for the city of Caulfield represents the Liberal Party, and Philip Dalidakis is the state member for Southern Metropolitan Region. They discuss their platforms and projects regarding small businesses and the industries they see as most important for Victoria. They also explain some of the changes they want to implement to further Victoria’s economy and share the steps they will take to make it happen. And, of course, there’s also a bit of good old fashioned political mudslinging between the candidates

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“One of the things our government needs to do is to stop making it harder for businesses.” – David Southwick

“Businesses need to be able to compete with each other. That’s the fundamental tenet of our private sector.” – Philip Dalidakis


 This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • David’s and Philip’s proposals to help small businesses.
  • The industries that offer the biggest opportunities for growth.
  • How the Liberal party plans to solve the problem of urban congestion.
  • The enormous opportunities for usage of the Caulfield racecourse.
  • Reforms and policies David’s party want to implement when elected.
  • Philip’s thoughts on energy costs and coal plants.
  • How vulnerable is the budget to a drop in property price and transactions?
  • What the electorate can look forward to regarding trading in Victoria.
  • How Philip actively promotes the digital economy in Victoria.


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