Episode 47 – The Office.. A guide to commercial property investment with Steve Bennett from Charter Hall

Episode 47 – The Office.. A guide to commercial property investment with Steve Bennett from Charter Hall

Residential properties are all the craze these days and the market’s getting a little cramped for comfort. On the other hands, commercial properties are rarely discussed by mums and dads. My guest this week is the Head of Charter Hall’s direct property business, Steve Bennett. Charter Hall is one of Australia’s leading property groups with over $23.2-billion worth of total managed property. Steve joins me today to discuss the potential of investing in commercial properties. He shares some of its risks and benefits and the returns you can expect as well as the current trends in office work and how it can positively affect commercial property investments. Steve also describes why low-interest rates aren’t always good for the property market.

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“People don’t think commercial property is a sector they can get involved in.” – Steve Bennett

This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • The benefits of owning commercial property.
  • What Charter Hall is, how it operates, and his function and responsibilities.
  • The different types of commercial property and why it’s not well invested in.
  • The kind of returns you can expect from owning commercial property.
  • Current trends in the work-from-home industry.
  • How to get access to commercial property investments.
  • The type of funds their company offers to new investors.
  • What you need to know before investing in commercial properties.
  • Why low-interest rates are not always good.

Steven Bennett’s Tips for investing in commercial property:

  1. Go with a reputable manager.
  2. Buy quality assets and bet on long-term returns.
  3. Do not overdo your investment.

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