Episode 38 – The world of personal grooming with Leah Miller

Episode 38 – The world of personal grooming with Leah Miller

Leah Miller is the owner and Director of Waxed; a personal grooming company focused on helping clients look and feel their best through full-body hair removal, tanning treatments, and lash application services. She has five salon locations across Melbourne including Windsor, Balaclava, Malvern, Elsternwick, and Bentleigh. Her career initially began in the communications and public relations industry when she decided to pivot her career and begin her journey as an entrepreneur in the beauty and personal care industry.

Leah joins me today to share her journey into entrepreneurship. She shares how she successfully built her personal grooming business and how she developed a system that enabled her to expand her service area into multiple market locations. She shares some of the biggest challenges she has faced as an entrepreneur in a highly competitive industry and her strategy for hiring and retaining excellent employees. She also shares how she balances managing and scaling a multiple-location company while raising a family.

And of course, don’t miss this week’s segment of Reuben’s Rants where I share my thoughts on ASIC canceling the Australian Financial Services Licensing of Dover and what it means for the Dover Financial Advisors and their clients.

And stay tuned to the end of the episode for my Propellerhead of the Week segment to learn about my favorite app, Receipt Bank, and how it helps entrepreneurs and small business owners keep track, manage, and organize their expense receipts.

“Work-life balance is what you make of it. You’ve got to make your business work how you want it. You’ve got to work hard, but you have to realize that you have a life.” – Leah Miller

This week on The Finance Hour Podcast:

  • Leah’s career journey and what inspired her to build a personal grooming company.
  • How she determined the location of her first tanning studio.
  • How she developed the policies, procedures, systems, and processes that enabled her to open multiple salon locations.
  • Why she developed a training program for her employees and the types of training she offers.
  • The marketing strategies she uses to promote her business and how they have evolved.
  • Challenges associated with ending a long-term business partnership.
  • How she manages her time while running her business and raising a family.

Leah Miller’s Top 3 Tips for Starting & Scaling a Business: 

  1. Start a business with a business partner that shares your vision and compliments your skills. Have a transparent agreement with your business partner to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunication issues.
  2. Ensure you are completely comfortable with the way your business is running before you scale up.
  3. Ensure you are confident – even if you have to “fake it ‘til you make it.”


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