Episode 31 – Brand me up. A guide to the world of on-line marketing

Episode 31 – Brand me up. A guide to the world of on-line marketing

Ever wondered about how businesses attract customers in the on-line world? Mystified by  SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pay per click? Then today’s show is a must-hear.

My guest is Joel Gerschman, managing director of the Change Coach. Joel cuts through the noise and guides his clients in harnessing digital marketing to attract potential customers. The result? A reliable funnel of new prospects eager to buy your product or services.

So whether you’re contemplating a digital marketing strategy or you are a consumer wanting to get insight into the strategies companies use to attract your business, you are certain to benefit from listening to this week’s show.

“If you are willing to be innovative and forward thinking as a business owner, there is always opportunity for growth” – Joel Gerschman

 “On-line marketing can enable you to get ahead despite some of the complexities and challenges of the current market.” – Joel Gerschman

 “Despite the amount of material out there on the web, personal financial advice will always have a role in applying this information  for a client’s personal circumstances ” – Reuben Zelwer

 Today on the Finance Hour Podcast:

  • In “Reuben’s Rant”, I give my take on Labor’s proposal to exempt pensioners from the bank on franking credit refund.
  • Joel discussed the key growth drivers for businesses.
  • How traditional and on-line marketing tools can work together.
  • The role of content marketing in generating
  • Why the digital marketing journey shouldn’t end once a customer buys your service or product.
  • How to stand out in a cluttered digital world.
  • A new way of asking for referrals.
  • Joel’s 3 tips for businesses embarking on a digital marketing strategy.


And be sure to listen all the way to the end of the show for my “Propellerhead of the week” which is about why your Accountant and Financial Planner need to get on.


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Reuben Zelwer established Adapt Wealth Management in 2011 to help time poor clients achieve financial freedom. For over 15 years, Reuben has helped professionals, executives, business owner and those approaching retirement make the most of their circumstances by making good financial decisions. Reuben’s professional practice is complemented by substantial voluntary work, which has included setting up financial literacy and savings programs in the local community.