Episode 27- Should we be scared of the big bad bear?

Episode 27- Should we be scared of the big bad bear?

Are you happy with the returns of your share and property investments over the last few years? Optimistic that things will continue?  Or are you worried about an impending bear market (where shares and property prices start falling and pessimism persists). On this episode, Tim Farrelly, principal at Farrelly’s Investment Strategy  provided us with some insights about what you can control and when you should be scared of the big bad bear.

I also spoke to Sean Herman, a Mortgage Broker from Professional Partners who provides insights into the bank’s attitude towards the property market.

“It is definitely a time  to absolutely be focused on the long term.”

Tim Farrelly

“We should always be prepared for a downturn of the order of 10%, 15%, 20%, or even 25%”

Tim Farrelly

Today on the  Finance Hour Podcast:

  • What causes a bear market and why they are inevitable?
  • The two situations which precipitate a big market fall.
  • The impact of tax cuts in the company’s profits.
  • The “chicken and egg” effect of wage growth to the economy.
  • Insights about the emerging share markets like China, Taiwan, Korea, and India.
  • Why the US markets look expensive.
  • The key differences between residential and commercial property markets.
  • How bank lending practices influences house prices.

And be sure to listen all the way until the end for my “Propellerhead of the week” which is about how you can save money on insurance premiums by adjusting the payment frequency!

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