Episode 26- Remembering Lawrence Shamrakov

Episode 26- Remembering Lawrence Shamrakov

This episode is dedicated to my dear friend and business partner, Lawrence Shamrakov who passed away tragically as a result of a bike accident two years ago (20 January 2016).  Lawrence’s cousin Gary Voskoboynik joins me today to speak a few people who were close to Lawrence and share their stories to give you an idea what kind of an amazing person he was. This is also for his daughter Maya who will one day listen to this tribute episode when she is old enough.

The guests on this week’s episode are:
Gary Gorov – Lawrence’s cousin
Mikel Guyetsky – friend and work colleague
Inge deKoster – client of Lawrence in his role as financial planner at Adapt.


“He was like my little brother, he was a few years younger than me. Everything I did he wanted to do as well” – Gary Voskoboynik

“We were more than family, we were more than friends. Our bond ran deeper than any. No-one really understands what we meant to each-other” – Gary Gorov

“He was such a special person to a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Every parent would want their child to emulate Lawrence” – Mikel Guyetsky

“It is difficult and emotional, but while we are talking, I can’t wipe the smile off my face thinking about him and everything he could do” – Reuben Zelwer

Today on the  Finance Hour Podcast:

  • Reuben and Gary V talk about their memories of the day Lawrence passed away and their journey of the last two years
  • Gary V talks about Lawrence’s cheekiness as a child and how he would tinker with family computer settings making it unusable in many occasions. As he got older, he became incredibly tech savvy and became the go to guy for anything IT.
  • Gary G recounts how Lawrence had a strong sense of responsibility to both himself and his family and gives a moving message to Lawrence’s daughter Maya.
  • Mikel Guyetsky, shares his  story on how he met Lawrence and how their close friendship developed.
  • Mikel and Reuben talk about Lawrence’s creative side including his passion for marketing, design photography and  creating websites His combination of both technical and creative skills was truly unique.
  • Mikel’s message for Lawrence’s daughter Maya
  • Inge de Koster,  a client of Lawrence’s at Adapt Wealth Management tells us what he was like as a financial planner. He was attentive, sensitive and had an amazing memory of what was going on in Inge’s life
  • Gary V and Reuben talk about the programs they are continuing in Lawrence’s memory. Gary is involved in a truck driver bicycle awareness program through Bicycle Network where he will add a personal touch by sharing Lawrence’s story.
  • Reuben and his wife Keren have set up a loan fund in Lawrence’s name at Empower (Jewish Care interest free loans) which will provide funding for young professionals and small business owners to further their careers.

And make sure to listen all the way to the end where Reuben shares three important lessons from how Lawrence managed his financial affairs.

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